2016-12 Mundrabilla Meteorite Expedition, WA

In December 2016 I undertook a reasonably perilous solo expedition to the remote Mundrabilla meteorite field in WA. The Mundrabilla strewnfield was discovered in 1966 when two large meteorites (12 ton & 6 ton) were found in a remote area in the Nullarbor Plain in WA.

I found nine small meteorites, ranging from 9.5g up to 180g, and one very nice little tektite.



Mundrabilla sunset and sunrise:

Mundrabilla scenery:

On the last day of the expedition, I returned to find my tent utterly flattened by wind. It was time to packup & leave anyway, but it was no fun crawling into the flattened tent, in 42C heat, to get my stuff out. If the tent had failed earlier I would’ve had to resort to my backup shelter, a faithful Burke & Wills swag.

The largest Mundrabilla meteorite (12 tons) is on display in Perth, WA. Here are some photos of the smaller of the two giant meteorites (6 tons) which led to the discovery of the strewnfield. This meteorite is on display at the entrance to the South Australian Museum: