Welcome to Homunculoid!

SysAdmin contains pages on some systems-admin tips & tricks.

Deployments and Explorations has some bloggy pages and photo galleries of my work-related & personal travels, respectively.

Galleries contains some photo galleries related to some other interests of mine, e.g. fossils, my daughter’s artwork, museums I’ve visited. It also holds some dynamic galleries including a “Photos by Tag” gallery which allows you to click on any tag to see all photos with that tag.

        · Work : work-related projects or incidents
        · Personal : personal projects inspired by curiosity or stubbornness
        · Electronics : projects with an electronics theme.

Copyright: Almost all photos on this site were taken by myself, and may not be re-used without permission. But feel free to contact me if you’d like to obtain permission. Most photos from 2014 on were taken with a Nikon D5300, so I can provide 24MP jpg or Nikon .NEF raw files.