2010 Broome, WA

If you ever visit Broome, be sure to visit Matso’s brewery (& restaurant). They brew some great and unique beers – mango, banana, chilli, and others. All of Matso’s beers go well with their fantastic curries.

If you have any interest in fossils or natrual history, you might also like to find a local to take you to see some of the giant fossilised dinosaur footprints along the nearby beaches. In 2016, the fossilised footprints of a Tyrannosaurus-type dinosaur were found in a popular tourist area on Cable Beach, so if that’s being kept clear of sand, it should be easy to find.

I’ve been to Broome a few times, but never took many photos. I did get some photos around the pool, and an amusing snap of a bizarre pizza-delivery Mini, heavily modified with huge tires so it can deliver pizza in the muddiest of weather: