2019-08 Mundrabilla Meteorite Expedition, WA

In August 2019 I was finally able to return to the Mundrabilla strewnfield, in an attempt to search some new areas and find some larger meteorites.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any big ones, but I did find a bunch of the more common smaller ones. And a bunch of tektites.

Some nice sunset pics:


Cute gecko and a feisty blue tongue lizard!:

There are 11 or so camels in this one if you zoom in!:

Bad bumpy tracks or no tracks at all!:

Slight depression left where the 6 tonne meteorite was removed:

The Mundrabilla “monument”, marking the midpoint between the 12 & 6 tonne meteorites:

Typical Mundrabilla landscape:

Now for the meteorites!!: