My GitHub repository currently has a few projects and other bits and pieces that might be of interest to some people:

1) An SOE deployment tool, which uses Ansible to setup a standard operating environment for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Fedora, or Ubuntu: here.

2) A Jenkins CI Pipeline to build VTK (Visualisation ToolKit) and submit build & test results to my VTK dashboard: here.

3) Configuration files to setup a PXE network boot server for Fedora/CentOS/Ubuntu: here.

4) A (perl) script to filter tenements of a specified type from the list of live tenements provided by the WA Dept of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety. For more info see the blog post.

5) A (python) dnf plugin I wrote to fix a bug in dnf (Red Hat BugZilla 584525). More details on my BugFix page here.
Latest version of on GitHub

6) Some virtualisation-related tools: here.

I’ve also written some signal-processing software to calculate and visualise power spectrum estimates (FFT & DSP in C, UI in perl/perl-gtk2, 3D visualisation in VTK).

The perl-gtk2 GUI needs some work before it’s allowed to see the light of day though. So until then, here are a few old pics of some nice power spectrum estimates. These were calculated from digital audio files: